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Working for Antipodean English Language School

If you have any questions, please call 2771 4113 or WhatsApp: 5282 0157 or email to

We're always looking for qualified, experienced and motivated teachers. We offer the right person a highly competitive salary package, stimulating work and the chance to work in a communicative language teaching environment.

You must be:

  • A highly competent native user of English

  • Someone who enjoys the job and brings that sense of enjoyment into the classroom

  • Willing to put up with the odd hours we keep!


You must have:

  • A first degree (with transcripts) from a nationally accredited university

  • A quality ESL teaching qualification that is at least equivalent to the Trinity CertTESOL.

  • A minimum of two years provable teaching experience in an ESL context. We check references!

  • If we're hiring you from overseas, you must have a current (within the last six months) Sexual Conviction Record Check or equivalent. If we're hiring you from Hong Kong, your SCRC must be valid and current.


Send me an e-mail that covers these points, and I will send you a copy of our "Job Information Kit" to mull over. The kit contains loads of important information about working at Antipodean English Language School. It's a great, relaxed working environment, and the work itself really helps people.

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