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Your company's image depends on clear, professional writing.



This course is intended for adult learners. It is not suitable for students studying at secondary school.


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Our English writing classes cover both theory and practise. Using English writing samples that are relevant to your industry and the needs of your staff, we:


  • Discuss key words and phrases used in business communication
  • Identify common errors and practise correcting them
  • Talk about how to structure different kinds of texts (letters, e-mail and so on)
  • Work together to write texts that are relevant to your needs


Homework can be assigned (and is very useful). This often consists of English writing assignments. If needed, these can be supplemented with error correction practise, grammar exercises or vocabulary work. It's up to you.


Our Native English speakers can come to your place of business, or your learners can come to our modern, comfortable school in Tsimshatsui.

Course Note

1. This course is designed for groups of two to fifteen learners. It is conducted on-site or at our school.


2. This course has no set length. Students join courses of this sort until they have attained the required level of proficiency or are ready to progress to a more challenging course.


3. Each class consists of one or two 55 minute sessions.


4. Classes can be held every day, twice a week or once a week.


Before beginning one of our business writing courses, you (or your staff) will need to complete our writing assessment. This consists of a grammar test and a short essay. It takes around 90 minutes to complete.


There is a charge of $200 per person for this assessment. The assessment fee is returned to you if the learner signs up for our business writing course.

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