HKDSE Essay Writing 寫作

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Plan and execute polished, structured and accurate HKDSE English essays. This one on one course is suitable for beginners to advanced students.



This course is suitable for students enrolled in a Hong Kong secondary school at any level.


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Work with your Native English speaking tutor on HKDSE Essay writing. You will discuss, plan and write essays under your teacher's guidance. Your teacher will then revise and critique your essay and come up with an improvement plan.


By planning, writing, reviewing and reflecting, your essays will over time become:


  • More in line with the set task
  • Better structured
  • More coherent
  • Grammatically richer and more accurate


This course is suitable for anyone taking the HKDSE examination, regardless of your level.

Course Note

1. 學習人數"一對一"。整個課程會由我們其中一位外籍導師專人教授。


2. 這課程沒有限定課程長度。同學加入這類課程,直到他們獲得了必需的水平或準備進入另一個更富挑戰性的課程。


3. 每堂時間為一小時。請注意每堂最後5分鐘均被保留作總結及離開課室之用。


4. 上課 每星期一次。如遇公眾假期不用上課。課堂或會受到颶風或其他情況影響。


每位同學在入讀本校英語課程前,必需進行評估測試。整個過程需時約60-90分鐘。評估測試包括, 寫作, 閱讀和聆聽和面談,以評估你的英語水平。


無論你報讀課程予否, 這評估均是免費。

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