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“2019 - IELTS Speaking Course” (ISC6) is a modular course which will help you refine and practise your approach to the IELTS Speaking assessment.



This course prepares candidates for the IELTS examination.


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Each four lesson module is based around one theme which is relevant to IELTS Speaking and will provide you with material you can use.


  • Lesson 1: Intensive presentation practise
  • Lesson 2: Practise expressing views and opinions; presentation practise.
  • Lesson 3: Practise answering factual questions; presentation practise.
  • Lesson 4: Revision and practise of the three key skills.


Homework is designed to help you create material related to the module theme and your own life.


With the help of your native English speaking tutor, this one on one course is intensive and highly effective.

Course Note

1. Classes are "one on one". One of our native English speaking tutors works exclusively with the student for the duration of the class.


2. This course has no set length. Students join courses of this sort until they have attained the required level of proficiency or are ready to progress to a more challenging course.


3. Each class consists of one 55 minute session.


4. Classes can be held every day, twice a week or once a week.


Before you start your IELTS course, you will need to complete our IELTS assessment. Assessment tasks include a listening comprehension assessment and an IELTS type interview. The assessment takes around 60 minutes.


The fee for this assessment, $200.00, is fully refunded once you sign up for an IELTS course.

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