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Work with your Native English speaking teacher to prepare for the LPAT examination, with a particular focus on the writing and speaking exams.



This course is suitable for language teachers or teacher trainees.




The LPAT examination is tough! English professionals routinely struggle to pass this examination, and the overall pass rate is only around 40%.


We've been helping people prepare since 2003. Over the years, we've worked on improving our approach, and now I think it's pretty good. There aren't many courses that offer one on one preparation for LPAT, and I think ours is one of the best of those few.


The key point I'd like to get across is that you need to start preparing as soon as possible. We normally advise people to prepare for two or three months with us, and then study on their own until a month or so before the exam. We then help them drill intensively over the last month to get them as ready as possible.


We normally start by reviewing essay writing. We discuss the concepts of author, audience and genre. We move on to cohesion and the use of cohesive devices. Using these concepts, we critique an LPAT essay and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Writing homework, which is issued at each lesson, is reviewed and then discussed in class in great detail.


We usually start talking about error correction and explanation at around the third class.


Speaking practise focusses largely on reading aloud. We work on decoding unfamiliar words, sense grouping, intonation, stress, pitch, speed and volume. The learner reviews their recorded performances, and is able to hear model performances from the teacher for further insights.


There is some work done on presentation and the discussion element of the Speaking examination.


General advice is provided on preparing for the Reading and Listening components of the LPAT examination.

Course Note

1. Classes are "one on one". One of our native English speaking tutors works exclusively with the student for the duration of the class.


2. This course has no set length. Students join courses of this sort until they have attained the required level of proficiency or are ready to progress to a more challenging course.


3. Each class consists of one 55 minute session.


4. Classes can be held every day, twice a week or once a week.


Before you start your LPAT course, you will need to complete our LPAT assessment. Assessment tasks include reading comprehension, an LPAT writing task, a listening comprehension assessment and an LPAT type speaking task. The assessment takes around 90 minutes.


The fee for this assessment, $200.00, is fully refunded once you sign up for an LPAT course.

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